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Quantum Physics, Quantum Biology, Modern Cosmology, the Grand Unified Field and more come together in these extra-ordinary workshops.
They enhance consciousness, optimize life and promote your general well-being. You do not have to be a scientist to attend these workshops.
Life is an extraordinary gift. Optimizing life, then, is a game worth playing.
In this live workshop you will gain a true understanding that, at a core level, your body is a well-tuned assembly of fine elementary particles.
These elementary particles follow quantum mechanics, not just the rules of the ordinary world. In other words,you will learn that WHO-YOU-ARE-BIOLOGICALLY arises from WHO-YOU-ARE-IN-THE-QUANTUM-WORLD!
You will also learn that Quantum Mechanics is highly successful. That not a single prediction of the theory (counting in the millions) has ever been wrong.
You will learn that more than a third of our economy is derived from products based on it.
You will learn that Quantum Biology, the application of Quantum Mechanics to living systems, is gathering momentum.
You will learn that if we acknowledge our quantum self, we can expect to awaken and let lose more of our untapped glory and majesty; which means we can expect to enrich the quality of our lives.
You will also learn that it took 13.72 billion years of evolution to get us to this point to even conceive such thoughts and articulate such questions! But then again, that's the nature of quantum physics - it is counter-intuitive and mystifying! Befriending it then, is likely to be a most rewarding and transformative episode in your life! This workshop is an ambitious effort to create such a leading edge opportunity. Won't you join us?