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These educational webinars are designed for the general public. They enhance consciousness, optimize well-being and enhance the quality of your life. You do not have to be a scientist to attend these webinars.

By WELL-BEING we often mean a state of being healthy, happy and prosperous.  As a minimum it describes our physical, emotional, spiritual and ontological state. There is often a level of vagueness associated with it, which we often tend to step over. This may be a direct result of the probabilistic nature of the quantum world -- the world of all possibilities -- from where all well-being arise!

Quantum Mechanics is highly successful. Not a single prediction of the theory has ever been wrong. Nearly half of our economy is derived from products based on it. However, it is uncomfortably strange and disturbingly counter-intuitive! Even so, Quantum Biology, the application of Quantum Mechanics to living systems, is gathering momentum. It was heralded on to the stage in the last century by Erwin Schrödinger in his famous book “WHAT is LIFE?” Standing now on the shoulders of giants like Planck, Heisenberg, de Broglie, Schrodinger, Bohr, Pauli, Dirac, Einstein, Bose, Feynman and hundreds of others, we are now taking up numerous inquiries in quantum biology such as:
1. Photosynthesis: Plants appear to be using a form of quantum processing to transport photon energy through their photosynthetic milieu.
2. Birds, insects and other animals appear to use entanglement to detect the earth’s magnetic field for migration
3. We have evidence that enzymes that drive much of the metabolic processes in our cells use quantum tunneling to speed up chemical reactions.
4. It seems we use quantum mechanical tunneling, aided by phonons, to smell!

Scientists across the globe are struggling to understand how these fragile quantum phenomena, previously thought to be confined to highly rarefied laboratory systems at temperatures close to absolute zero, manage to survive in the wet, warm and hostile biological environment.

Meanwhile, in vivo quantum biology investigators like me are simultaneously engaged in additional inquiries driven by the following:
A. Quantum mechanics deals with the behavior of small objects. It's not possible to observe a quantum mechanical system without changing it. So, the “observer must be considered part of the system being observed." You do create your world.
B. Quantum objects are usually represented by a mixture of different states. When an observation is made, that interaction causes the associated wave function to "come alive" into a single state. So any interaction that results in this transition is called an observation or measurement, whether or not it is deliberate.
C. Since the subsystems that make us up - such as the endocrine system and the nervous system - are ultimately quantum mechanical, we take up the following three additional in vivo quantum biological inquiries in this Webinar.
D. If we romance our quantum self, can we expect to awaken and let lose more of our hidden Glory and Majesty?
E. If we become more malleable, can we expect to experience a sort of Cosmic Connection and Holographic Bliss?
F.  If we take up the Practice of Observing, can we expect to spawn a Created Life. Or as a minimum, enrich the Quality of our Lives?
G. As we transition into the fuzzy domain of quantum physics, where the sure-footedness of the physicist is no longer so sure, we come face to face with physics encountering Consciousness. The symmetry between Consciousness and the Grand Unified Field is rather striking.

“Remember, it took 13.8 billion years of ‘work’ to get us to this point, to even conceive such thoughts and articulate such questions! In vivo quantum biology is a fantastic looking glass of life! Befriending it,” says Tom Padikal with childlike wonderment in his eyes, “is likely to be a most rewarding and transformative episode in your life!"