Live Workshops and Webinars. About Optimizing Life. Naturally.

Workshops offer opportunities to network
Laboratory Style Demonstrations.are quite popular
Convenient, attractive and comfortable destinations.

Life is an extraordinary gift. Optimizing life, then, is a game worth playing.

In these workshop you will gain a deep understanding of your fundamental nature. 

That every one of us, and everything around us, is an assembly of fine elementary particles.

Since subatomic particles follow the rules of quantum mechanics, who-you-are-biologically arises from who-you-are-quantum-mechanically!

In other words, you are a Quantum Being!    

This has profound consequences. This is what the Workshops and Webinars are about.   

"... you have been a much appreciated gift to me these past 2 yrs. I am waking up and blossoming into who I know myself to be... Thank you for your heart, your compassion and your commitment to share your whole being with us all!"    -- Sue, Workshop and Webinar Participant

".... many life changing things have been occurring. I'm loving my QB community. I feel connected to each and every one"    -- Beverly, Workshop and Webinar Participant

"Quantum here and now;        Let me feel your majesty
Let me hear your whisper;      Love you Quantum"                -- Ivan, Participant and QB Practitioner

There is nothing to buy at these Workshops. No pills.  No shakes.
Instead we dig deep and discover that you are the most astonishing 'poster child' of the Cosmos. Yes, you are astonishing! Totally amazing!
Whole and complete. There is nothing missing. Nothing!

However, there are things to CLAIM. And processes to STOP BLOCKING.

We will start with the most important one in the Workshop.  It is experiential and cannot be gotten through words - it is beyond language. As Maharishi Mahesh Yogi said, "the study of consciousness  is not through  books, but through what is inscribed in the pure consciousness of the individual student.”
If you ever reflected on the power of the Grand Unified Field, you'd naturally wonder if that is what Maharishi is talking about.

This is no ordinary workshop. Come prepared to dig deep and discover who you truly are - your true lineage. You may be shocked. Or in awe. Even if it happens just for a transient moment, you will never be the same.